Our Progress

Here is a list of tasks we hope to accomplish at the house. We will cross items off the list as we finish them:

  • Re-landscape the front yard
  • Regrade along garage and back corner of house
  • Make structural improvements to addition
  • Add support beams in basement
  • Remove kitchen door
  • Install french doors in dining room
  • Remove wall between kitchen and dining room
  • Install new cabinets and countertops in kitchen
  • >Add powder room
  • Refinish floors on first floor
  • Update fireplace
  • Reconfigure front closet
  • Refinish all trim
  • Convert master bathtub to walk-in shower
  • Replace master bath flooring
  • Install washer and dryer in master bathroom
  • Install new vanity and door in master bathroom
  • Tear down existing garage
  • Build new attached garage
  • Build screen porch/deck
  • Build raised beds for vegetable garden