Strangely satisfying

After one night I’m left with one untouched, one eaten clean, & one full.


Power weekend

With help from friends and family I made a list of 6 items to tackle. For the first time ever we completed both the 1st and 2nd most important items.

Added the upper sheets of drywall to the walls and began the taping & mudding.

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Moving on to the house

This weekend, we finished up yard work for the fall and officially started our indoor projects. In terms of outside work, we had one last spot in the front/side yard to weed. After weeding, we transplanted the last of the pachysandra to the front of the of the side yard. In the spring, we’ll put in a paver path down the side of the house and let the pachysandra fill in.

side yard after weeding 11/7/15

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