Powder room tile

We duplicated the tile and pattern from our entryway in the powder room. The powder room is about 60% the size of the entryway but it took multiple days to lay because we worked from the door to the back.

We wanted the pattern to be fully visible along the door and the left wall. These are the most visible areas to highlight. I then divided the room by how much I could easily reach and got to work.

The third tile laying session was only for the tiny pieces that fill out the overflow towards the back & right side wall. The back wall will be behind the toilet and the right wall will have a vanity. It was an easy choice to lay the pattern like this.

After purchasing a tub of new grout, the old one expired on my shelf, I spent an evening grouting. Now I get to attach that toilet flange to the drain and the floor then install some fixtures. The room is progressing nicely.