Retaining walls

Over the past 10 days the landscaper built two beautiful walls to give us back our backyard.

For the large wall they started on the long edge first as they decided it would be one course lower than the short edge because of the ground slope.

On the second day the concrete that was the original garage stem wall fell over. Notice how there is no plywood under the wall, it feel after that was removed. I feel this is partly because they undermined it when they excavated for the long edge and because it rained the night before and the soil was too soft. Day two required a bit of jack-hammering and hauling of the now waste concrete.

Progress Shots

Our new fence will have 2 posts behind the short edge of the retaining wall. I prepared those two holes so the post could go in as they wall was built. I then continued on down the property line installing my posts every 7 feet.

Finished Shots

The small wall next to the garage was completed in a day.