Powder room wiring

It has been about 2 months since anything was done with the powder room. Now it has passed all the rough inspections and drywall is going up.

Insulation was added for sound dampening, the tile backer board was glued & screwed down. Two of the flooring boards were cut to fit the doorway and then reinstalled. Both of them are shimmed at an incline as the tile will be about 1/8″ higher than the wood. I did this exact same thing to the wood floor as it approaches the tile entryway. Created a near-flush transition between the two surfaces.

The rough electrical didn’t pass at first because the required outlet was in the wrong place. I questioned the inspector on how my plan was approved at the building office and he only shook his head when I told him who reviewed it. I first placed it to the lower left when entering. This was the easiest to wire and I thought I would place a lighted outlet as a helper light when the overhead is off. The code says the outlet needs to be someplace specific, so I moved the outlet.

Before hanging drywall we decided to change the switch for the basement lights. It was a standard switch at the top of the stairs but going forward we knew we wanted a 3-way switch at the top and the bottom of the stairs. It was just a bit of work between the breaker, the upper junction box, the lower junction box, and the basement lights.