Powder room progress

The door framing, ceiling framing, and rough electrical wiring has been completed.

The ceiling will be lower than the rest of the first floor for two reasons. First, there is a beam that cuts the room nearly in half. If we drop the ceiling to the bottom of the beam there is a great spot to mount the bathroom fan and have it exhaust easily out of a sidewall. Second, it will be much easier to finish the ceiling and it will look much better because of how small it is.

This door used to be located about 3 feet away as a door between the hallway and the kitchen.

The bathroom will have two switches on your left when you enter. One for the overhead light and the other for the fan, which will actually be a timer switch not just a toggle switch. I had to upgrade the junction box with the basement light switch as it was a single gange box and not large enough for a 3rd wire.