Kitchen task lights

For under-cabinet task lighting I went with a LED strip light. The wiring was more complicated to plan out but the price per lumen couldn’t be beat.

I bought two 3′ AC-5050 strips here:

Each cabinet section needed a cut in a plywood divider for the LED strip to lay flat. Once the strip has enought room to lay flat I attached it with double-sided tape.

The east wall cabinet has a large area to wrap and hide the cord.

The corner cabinet has a divider that split the area in half and required a few more loops.

The LED strips came with about 4′ of cord attached. There is a standard 15a polarized plug with an integrated 8a fuse. About 6″ from the plug is the AC->DC transformer, thankfully it is roughly 3/4″ thick and hides easily under the cabinets.