New patio door

After a few days of work, the installation of the door is complete.

On the first day the a/c condenser was moved, the double window was removed, the opening reframed, and the door secured enough so it wouldn’t fall out. The second day we adjusted the door so it operated perfectly, closed up the exterior so it sheds water correctly, and trimmed out the exterior. Then on the coldest day of the three, the temporary steps were built. Without these steps the ~12″ drop would be too dangerous to maneuver.

Making the hole.

I saved as much as possible from the old window. Only one side jamb broke apart but I could probably glue it back together it necessary. I’ll hold on to everything until we determine that it won’t be reused in the house. If and when that doesn’t happen then off to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store it will go.


The door is smaller in width than the existing window opening. By placing the door closest to the short wall of the opening we leave as much wall length possible for the kitchen. This also meant that only one portion of the exterior needed siding to be patched to create an even reveal for trim.

End result

The door is in but the area is far from complete. The basement windows will be sealed up, the furnace will be replaced so the venting can be moved, a new deck will replace the temporary steps, the screen porch outside the door will go up, the siding might be removed inside the screen porch and reused on the garage…