New patio door

After a few days of work, the installation of the door is complete.

On the first day the a/c condenser was moved, the double window was removed, the opening reframed, and the door secured enough so it wouldn’t fall out. The second day we adjusted the door so it operated perfectly, closed up the exterior so it sheds water correctly, and trimmed out the exterior. Then on the coldest day of the three, the temporary steps were built. Without these steps the ~12″ drop would be too dangerous to maneuver.

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Air returns

The house’s HVAC system relies on large floor air returns.

One return is squarely in front of the right panel of the new french patio door. It’s too early to completely cover and remove the air return, but some repair work on the subfloor will be needed for the door installation. And it will be much easier to do a bit of prep work at the same time.

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