Door prep part 2

Once we saw that the house had no wall cavity insulation, we had to improve that. We decided to increase the cavity depth from a 2×4 cavity to a 2×6 cavity. The small amount of time and materials to do this now is inconsequential when compared to the future energy savings and comfort level we will create.

Expanding the cavity depth and adding insulation took a few simple steps.

  1. Rip lumber to 2″ to use as the extensions
  2. Attach extensions to the existing structural members
  3. Install the insulation

Before doing this work I did visit the Building & Zoning office to have my plan reviewed and approved for a building permit. It wasn’t a terrible experience after all, but all of the information given out to prepare one for this task is quite vague. I presented a 2d scale drawing of the proposed end result, answered a few questions, and was on my way in less than 10 minutes with the permit in hand.

This is as much as I could get done until the door is installed. New 2×6 jack studs will be installed and a new cavity created on the left side of the opening because the new door will be thinner than the existing windows.