Door prep part 2

Once we saw that the house had no wall cavity insulation, we had to improve that. We decided to increase the cavity depth from a 2×4 cavity to a 2×6 cavity. The small amount of time and materials to do this now is inconsequential when compared to the future energy savings and comfort level we will create.

Expanding the cavity depth and adding insulation took a few simple steps.

  1. Rip lumber to 2″ to use as the extensions
  2. Attach extensions to the existing structural members
  3. Install the insulation

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A different kind of construction

This weekend, we took a break from working on the house to work on a different kind of house…a gingerbread house! Each year we participate in a gingerbread house decorating contest to benefit a charity that we support. This year, our house’s theme was “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” We didn’t win any prizes this year, but I think our house turned out really well!

Door prep

This past week, we prepared for installation of French doors in the dining room. Ultimately, these French doors will lead to a screen porch and deck in the backyard.

First step: Order the doors! This took us a lot longer to do than planned, and of course they won’t be delivered for another 3-4 weeks. Our first problem was that we knew exactly what we wanted (see previous post) but had a hard time finding a company that provided everything. We had it narrowed to Marvin and Anderson. Ultimately, we chose Marvin doors, primarily because Tony liked their locking mechanism, they had a much wider selection of exterior color finishes, and they were less expensive.

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