Moving on to the house

This weekend, we finished up yard work for the fall and officially started our indoor projects. In terms of outside work, we had one last spot in the front/side yard to weed. After weeding, we transplanted the last of the pachysandra to the front of the of the side yard. In the spring, we’ll put in a paver path down the side of the house and let the pachysandra fill in.

side yard after weeding 11/7/15

side yard after weeding 11/7/15
weeds pulled 11/7/15
side yard after transplanting 11/7/15
side yard after transplanting 11/7/15
leaves raked 11/7/15


We also met with a general contractor named Kevin about our indoor projects. He seems very open to working with us and our desire to do a lot of the work ourselves. He agreed to help us with our first project, replacing the windows in our dining room with French doors. After he left, we pulled off the trim and some of the plaster around the existing windows to see what we have to work with. We were a bit disappointed-though not surprised-to find that there is no insulation in the wall. But the good news is that we found a header running over the windows; with any luck it is sufficient and we won’t need to replace it.

dining room before
Rough Opening Overall
dining room after initial demolition 11/7/15

The final weekend project was doing the structural repairs in the attic above the attic. Tony installed collar ties as recommended by the structural engineer. Not glamorous but very important.

addition attic before
collar ties added in addition attic 11/7/15