Halloween odds and ends

We spent Halloween weekend working around the weather. The result was a weekend full of several little projects. First, we did some shopping. Well, not actual shopping because we didn’t buy anything, but we visited a kitchen and bathroom showroom to start to get ideas. Ultimately, the plan is to completely remodel the kitchen, add a powder room, and remodel both bathrooms upstairs, so the showroom provided some great ideas about cabinetry, sinks, countertops, and even toilets. Kitchen and bathroom remodel is a bit down the road still, but it’s never too early to ironing out the plans and figuring out what you want. The next big project on our list is installing french doors in the dining room, so we also visited a home improvement center to look at different styles of french doors. We’ve settled on what type of doors we want – two swinging doors, wood, a 3-by-5 divided lights pattern, inswing hinges that allow the doors to lay as flat as possible when open, and a multi-point lock system on both doors. Now we just need to choose a manufacturer that offers all (or most) of that.

The showroom inspired us to map out the kitchen design we want and start considering where we want to place certain appliances. So we taped off the floor to get a sense of where walls and cabinets will end and where free space will begin, and we now have a rough idea of where we want the appliances.

Tony also found a blind in the basement that had never been installed, so he went ahead and installed it in the first-floor window by the staircase.


Finally, the sun came out and we were able to get some yard work done. There is a bed at the front of our yard by the driveway that eventually will become a strawberry bed. This weekend, we started to prepare it, hoping that in the spring there is less work to do. Tony removed the tree stump from this bed a few weeks ago, so the biggest project this weekend was…my favorite…weeding. We have this terrible weed, featured prominently in the before picture below, that all my neighbors have warned me is very hard to get rid of. Because of the rain, the soil was wet, so we were able to turn the dirt and get many of the roots out. I’m sure we didn’t get all of it, but hopefully we made a good dent. When we were finished, we covered the bed with leaves for the winter.

Front corner bed before
Front corner bed after
All the weeds we uprooted in the front corner bed

Tony finished the day outside by cutting up some of the root balls, landscaping timbers, and trellises that we removed a few weeks ago and that were still sitting in the driveway.

Breaking down garbage before
Breaking down garbage after

One final note, our first Halloween at the new house was great! We had lots of trick-or-treaters, which we haven’t had in past years, and our neighbors trick-or-treated with adult apple cider to share. Here’s a photo of our dog in his hot dog costume.