Transplanting weekend

This weekend, my mom visited again and helped us finish up the major front yard work. We worked on two major areas: the side yard on the north side of the house and the bed at the south corner of the front of the house. The best part about the weekend was that we didn’t buy a single plant! The back yard is so overgrown that we were able to split and transplant things from the back to the areas we were working on.

First, we prepped the side yard by loosening the soil and amending it with manure compost. There was a lot of pachysandra (a slow-growing ground cover) in the existing bed in the south corner by the front of the house, so we took some of that and transplanted it in side yard. The ultimate goal here will be to put a paver path in the space we left open on the right and have the rest covered in pachysandra – hopefully a nice low maintenance walkway from front to back.

Side yard before
Side yard after









Next, we worked on the bed in the south corner by the front of the house. There used to be a lot of huge rocks here, and after we moved those, we had a lot of open space. Because of the dogwood tree, parts of the bed are rather shady. So we transplanted some different colored hostas from the back yard into the shadiest areas. We also found a bleeding heart hidden in the back yard, which we moved to the this front bed. You can’t see it in the photo because it has already died back for the fall, but we marked its spot with a small rock (look in front of the boulder). Hopefully it will come back in the spring because I LOVE bleeding hearts. We also has a ton of peonies in the back, and there were already peonies in this front bed, so we transplanted some of the back yard peonies into this front bed to fill in. I have no idea what color they will be – I’m hoping for pink and my mom is hoping for white. We’ll see in the spring!

South front bed before
South front bed before
South front bed after
South front bed after
























Tony’s big project was removing the rest of the tree stump in the front bed by the driveway. The tree was apparently buried in a metal cage. As it grew, the roots became entangled with the cage, making it very difficult to remove the root ball. So Tony dug it out and cut the stump down about 8-12 inches below the ground and then buried it. The ultimate plan for the bed is to plant a strawberry patch there in the spring, so the underground stump shouldn’t interfere.

The final milestone of the trip was that we left our dog alone in the house for the first time to go eat dinner, and he did great! He’s had some separation anxiety issues at the new house, so this was very exciting.