The first weekend – landscaping part 1

For our first weekend of work, we decided to focus on the front landscaping. The previous owners had the front yard professionally landscaped about 8 years ago and then didn’t do much to maintain it. The yard was full of boulders and overgrown evergreen shrubs and trees, most of which were half dead in the center.

DSC02206The first task was taking out most of the shrubs.
This step created a LOT of yard waste! But it also really opened up the front yard.

Tony also started a regrading project in the backyard. In one corner of the house, the dirt and grass come above the foundation. Tony began the process of digging out and regrading the land, which should help prevent water seepage in the basement.

Below are some before and after photos from the weekend.

DSC02180 DSC02205 DSC02181 DSC02207